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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Contest Winner and Valentine Tutorial

To Stephanie C. whose Travel Cord Wrap idea won the 5th Annual Customer Design Contest. I will be working with Stephanie the next few weeks, developing a prototype and picking some fun fabrics and then it will be available in the shop for purchase! Stephanie will receive one for free AND one other fan will receive a free one so stay tuned for details!

In The Meantime...
Let's make something together!
This cute heart door hanger is the perfect size for leaving a small treat for your Valentine, give a present to your child's teacher or make as part of your Valentine holiday decor. You can make it with or without the hanger, use them as bowl fillers, sit one or more up on a shelf, lean it against some throw pillows...wherever you'd like to tuck in a little love. Below is a tutorial for making one, and a link to the paper pattern if you don't want to draw one for yourself.

You will need
-1 piece of fabric for the main heart piece. It should be 10" tall and 16" wide. (the cherry fabric)
-1 piece of fabric for the pocket. It should be 7" tall and 6" wide (the red and white dot)
-A disappearing fabric ink pen
-Craft wire, if you like, or pretty ribbon, or pearl cotton - anything you want to use for the hanger if you're making one. Craft wire holds the shape best obviously, but if you don't also have wire cutters, and small grommets...you might want to use something else.
-other basic sewing supplies, pins, sharp scissors, a gauge or ruler, iron and ironing board, thread, etc.

Start with the pocket piece.
Place it right-side down on the ironing board, with one of the short sides at the top.
Using a gauge or ruler, fold the top edge down 1/2" and iron as seen in the picture.

Then, open the crease you just made, and tuck the raw edge up to the ironed crease.
Hold it in place with your finger, and iron again.
Stitch your hemmed edge down, close to the lower fold. If you want to sew from the backside, so you're sure you catch the hem, that's totally fine.

Take the larger, 10X16 piece and fold it, right sides of the fabric together, so that you now have a 10" tall by 8" wide rectangle.
Keeping the fabric folded, draw a large (larger than you want it to be when it's finished) heart.
You can make a symmetrical heart...or I did an oblong one with a little quirk to it. I drew it out on card stock first and cut it out then traced around it with my disappearing ink fabric marker. Don't want to draw one yourself? The pattern piece is available as a PDF here in my Etsy shop.

Once you've traced the heart, keep the fabric folded and cut along the traced lines. You'll have two hearts.

Decide which heart half you like best as the front.
Lay it down in front of you with the right side of the fabric facing up.
Lay the pocket piece on top of it, about 1/3 of the way down, right side up.
The side edges of the pocket need to cover the side edges of the heart.
The hemmed edge of the pocket should be at the top.
See in my picture how the entire bottom 2/3 of my heart is covered?
Then pin the pocket in place.

Lay the back of the heart, right side down on top of the pocket.
Line up all your edges and pin.
You will have a pocket sandwich.
You can sew it this way, but if you feel more comfortable, you can also trim away the excess pocket pieces that stick out beyond the heart edges. Your call.

Leave a 1" - 1 1/2" opening near the top, and stitch all the way around the heart, using a 1/4" seam.
In my picture here, I left the opening on the top right side, where it's most straight, and not part of the pocket.
Clip the curves of the heart, and the bottom.
Very carefully, cut close to the "V" in the center of the heart.
On all these cuts, make sure you don't cut through any of your stitches.

Through the opening you left, pull the heart around to the right side.
Push out all your curves, and press.
Using the opening again, fill the heart with fiberfill to desired stuff-ness.

Now you can either hand-stitch or machine-stitch your opening closed.

If you are not going to hang your heart, you're done!

If you choose to hang the heart, you can use a needle and decorative thread or thin ribbon to push through the top two curves of the heart. Tie a knot in each end and you're done.

I used craft wire and small grommets.
If you choose to do the same, start a hole with a thicker hand-sewing needle.
Then use very sharp, precise scissors to make the hole large enough to accommodate the grommet shaft.
Next push the grommet from front to back through the hole.
Last, use the grommet setting tool and a hammer to set your grommet.
Cut 15" of wire. Thread through your grommet holes and turn up the ends.
(You can also use the wire without the grommets - I've done that before too.

If you feel like, you can tear off a scrap of coordinating fabric and tie it around your hanger.
It looks cute and helps cover your closing stitches.

If you decide to make one of these, I'd love to hear about it!
Let me know if you have any questions!

:) allison

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Contest Entries and Voting

The Entries are in, and the voting is up to you!
This year we had 8 contest ideas.

They are as follows: (listed in the order they were received)

1. Travel cord wrap.

2. Yoga mat carrier.

3. Zippered pouch to hold toys sized for fabric square bins.

4. Lined credit card wallet to help prevent credit cards from being scanned.

5. Reversible wrap skirt with zip pocket.

6. Valentine card chair pocket.

7. Mobile filing cabinet/tote

8. Camera filter case.

The voting will all be done on the Daisy Lane Design Facebook page. No comments left here on the blog will count as votes. Vote for the idea you like best, the idea that sounds most useful, because it's your friend who submitted the idea, give one vote to each entry - whatever the reason, just vote!

Voting will run from Monday, January 19 - Friday, January 23 at 5pm Eastern. The idea with the most votes wins and I will develop the winning idea. Thank you to all who entered this year's contest! Good luck!

:) allison

Sunday, January 11, 2015

5th Annual Design Contest and Giveaway!

5th Annual Design Contest and Giveaway!!

As I say every year - 
any time is a great time for a new idea, but January is the time to make it into a contest!

2014 winning idea - fabric covered headband, now available in two styles
I must confess: I considered not doing it this year. Eek! Weirdly, January has a become a month that is almost as busy if not busier than December for my little shop. People are either switching gears from buying for others and want a little something for themselves, or they are starting to focus on saving, and are buying a cash envelope to start their NewYear Resolution of budgeting. Either way, I'm still pretty busy these days - thank you!
Winning design from 2013 - Jewelry Roll
But then I remembered that some of the shop's very best selling products, including the cash envelopes, started with great ideas from you! (Dale D, seriously, whenever you need another one of those - they are free for you!) And so I couldn't resist. :)

Winning design from 2013, checkbook cover

And last year, we had 19 amazing ideas! 19!!! I felt badly, paring down the list to 5 to make prototypes, and cutting some other ideas because they were just too large in scale, so I'm making some changes this year.

Winning design from 2012, wristlet

What will be this year's winning design:

That is entirely up to you!

Design Contest Entry and Rules:
1. Submit an idea for a new Daisy Lane Design item in the comments section of this blog post by Friday, January 16, 5 pm Eastern. It can be anything I don't already make. 
  • If you're not familiar with my shop click on over here and take a peek around.
  • You can also see lots of what I do on my Facebook page.
There aren't size rules this time, so let the creativity flow.
If two people submit the same idea, whoever commented first gets credit.
Make sure you leave your name so I know who to give credit to.

2. Once all the entries are in, I will compile a list of all the ideas submitted.
3. Voting will happen on the ideas themselves, without prototypes this time. All voting will be done on my Facebook page, via "likes"
4. The winning idea will be developed and two will be made. 

Two people will win!!! One will be the person who submitted the idea - so make sure it's a good one!
More on how we'll decide who wins the other one later. ;)

Hope you're as excited as I am!
Can't wait to see what you come up with this year!
:) allison

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Gift Card Holder/Change Purse Tutorial

Change Purse Tutorial
The holidays are nearly here. And as we make our final preparations (ok, I just started shopping this week) I am reminded of all the small appreciation gifts that I will be giving out this year: teacher gifts, something for the bus driver, the karate instructors, and of course stocking stuffers for the kids. For some of those gifts, I am going to give gift cards. And instead of putting them in the little cardboard sleeve you get from the store, I'm going to give those gift cards in these little pouches, which, when the holiday is over and the gift card is spent, make great little change purses as well.

The change purses are small so you don't need a lot of fabric. If you have some scraps in your craft room, you might not even need to buy anything new.
What you'll need:
2 pieces of fabric that measure at least 9.5" tall and 5" wide. (You can buy 2-1/4 yards of fabric, or 2 fat quarters, or use what you have around.)
One piece of medium or heavyweight sew in interfacing.
A 3.5" piece of Velcro (one side is the hook side, one side the loop side)
Other items:
thread to match or contrast
a few pins
rotary cutter and mat (optional)
iron and board
something to push the corners out to a point - a chopstick, small dowel, rounded scissors, tube turner)

Step1: Cut your materials.
I've cut one main piece (the red swirl) one inside piece (the blue dot) and one piece of interfacing to 9.5" tall and 5" wide. This is done most easily with a rotary cutter and blade, but you could measure it out and cut with scissors. If you'd rather a pattern piece, they are available as a pdf - just let me know!

Step 2: Layer your fabrics.
First, I placed the interfacing down on a hard surface. 
Then, I put the main fabric down on top of it with the right side of the fabric facing up.
Last, I placed the inner fabric down on top of the main fabric, so that the right side is facing down. 
I have them all staggered in this picture so you can see all the layers, but you'll want to line all the raw edges up. See there? The two pretty sides of the fabrics are touching.

Step 3: Getting ready to sew.
OK, here are all my edges lined up. And I've pinned my layers together.
I am going to want to leave a little opening when I sew.  I'd like that to be along one short edge.
A little trick I use is to mark my starting point with a green pin and my stopping point with a red pin.

Step 4: Sew the layers together.
See here? I have my little fabric sandwich in my machine, starting at that green pin.
Using a 1/2" seam I am going to stitch all the way around my project in almost a complete rectangle.
When I'm nearing a corner, I don't want to stitch all the way to the edge of the fabric, but turn the fabric at about 1/2" from the edge.
I'll stop when I reach the red pin and leave the space between those two pins open for turning.

Step 5: Trim your corners.
Being careful not to snip any of the stitches, I'll trim all four of the corners at a 45 degree angle.
This is why it was important not to stitch all the way to the edge in the previous step.

Step 6: Turn the pouch right side out.
Through the little hole in the bottom, I turned the pouch to the right side.
Then I'm going to use my tube turner dowel to reach inside and push each corner out so they look crisp and clean - no dog eared corners.
After that, press well, taking special care to turn the raw edges of the opening in to the wrong side.

Step 7: Close the opening.
Using a longer stitch length, I'm going to sew across the entire short edge where the turning opening is.

Step 8: Position and sew on the Velcro.
I placed the pouch down with the inner fabric facing me, and the edge I just stitched at the bottom.
(I have it folded up in this picture, but you don't need to at this point.)
I placed the fuzzy half of the Velcro down from the top edge about 1/4" as seen here.
Then I stitched all the way around the Velcro strip.

Then I folded up the bottom short edge.
The rough half of the Velcro will go here, 1/4" down from the stitch edge.
Hold it in place, but then open the pouch back up again. You don't want to stitch it on with the pouch folded shut or you won't be able to use it!

Here's what it'll look like when you open it up.
I just pinched it between my fingers and lifted the pouch up, letting it open.
Then I stitched the rough Velcro in place as well, right where you see me holding it.
(The fuzzy Velcro is on the other side, at the opposite end.)

Step 9: Finishing up the pouch.
After attaching the Velcro, I laid the pouch back down with the inner side facing me.
Then I folded the bottom edge up 3" and pinned it in place on the sides.

Starting from the bottom left hand corner and using a longer stitch again, I stitched up one side, across the top, and down the other side of the pouch.
I made sure to back tack several times at the spot where it transitions from red swirly fabric to blue dot there in the middle. That's where most of the stress will be when you're reaching in and out for coins.

All done! ready for giving and gifting.

If you have any questions about this tutorial, feel free to ask!
If you try making one, I'd love to see it!
Kits for this item, with all the materials pre-cut and ready to go are available in my etsy shop: change purse kit

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Guess My Treasury #2

Snowman Giveaway
Last week, we had our first treasury giveaway. The theme was "My Favorite Things" and our winner, Shannon C., won a set of fabric gift tags for guessing correctly. Everyone who had the right answer, and you all did - was entered to win and we just drew names.

It was so much fun, I thought I'd do it again! This week, there is a new treasury on Etsy that you can view here. All you need to do is take a look at the treasury, and come back over to the blog and leave your guess about the theme here in the comments. Even if you are not the first person to answer correctly, you will be entered to win!

Up for grabs is this cute little snowman. He is made of tea stained chenille, and stuffed with beanbag pellets and fiberfill. He wearing a homespun scarf, and knit cap. His eyes are glued on buttons and his carrot nose is made of orange clay. He'll stand up because of the beanbag pellets. A super cute rustic winter decoration!

Do you want to win a snowman? What's your guess? Winner will be picked at random by our resident 7 year old on Saturday morning!

Don't forget about our first ever DLD sew-along. You can read all about it in the post below this one!


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

First Ever DLD Sew Along...and our winner!

Winner of the Mini Giveaway...

Congrats to Shannon!

Come Sew With Me!
I've been told by a lot of people that they wished they lived closer, because they would love to take a sewing class over at the shoppe. I couldn't agree more! I wished you all lived here too! But since that isn't the case, we're going to try the next best thing: a Daisy Lane Design sew along.

Now, I realize it's December. Trust me, I'm at DEFCON Christmas over here. But I also realize that the holidays are the time that a lot of people are gifting handmade items. And I know that gift recipients appreciate handmade goodness that is beautiful AND practical. So for this, our very first sew along, we are going to try it even though it's the busiest time of the year. Don't worry - we are going to keep it simple and useful.

This is a simplified version of my shop's popular change purse. (I make them with pearl snaps, but that requires snaps and a snap setter.) I've sold several of them in the past month, mostly in the local shops where I feature some of my ready to ship items. They are great for change, clearly, or a few folded bills, but they also double as a...wait for it...gift card holder!

So, picture this. You buy a few gift cards for the people on your list. Don't be shy about it. Gift cards are great. They're easy to ship to far away family and friends, they give an experience as well as some cash and everyone gets to pick just what they want - perfect!

And now you can make a personalized little holder for that gift card and your lucky giftee will have a change purse long after the holiday is over. Sound good? What to try it? OK!

What you will need:
1 fat quarter (or two if you want the inside of your gift card holder/change purse combo to be different than the outside)
1/4 yard of Pellon 50 heavyweight interfacing
some sew-in Velcro
your sewing machine, thread, iron, pins, etc.
You will have left over stuff to make at least one more pouch from these measurements.

HOWEVER! if reading that list overwhelms you, and the thought of driving to the fabric store makes you tired, I am offering DIY kits with pre-cut pieces of fabric and interfacing, and the velcro. All you'll need is the machine and thread and such. Kits are on sale for $10 and will also come with a PDF pattern so that you can make more of these in the future. If you'd like to purchase a kit, you can do so through my etsy shop by clicking here

Secondly, I think it would be fun to see your projects! So I've set up a Sew Along Projects board on my Pinterest account, so that we can all see what fabrics you picked and how your projects turn out. If you'd like to be able to contribute to that board, let me know and I'll get you on there.

The Sew Along will be live on Monday, December 15. That gives you several days to get or order your supplies and still leaves several days for you to complete your project.

And if you've read all the way to the bottom of this post...thank you...the first person to order a kit will get my sample change purse as a gift absolutely free. That way you'll have two to give for the price of one! Hooray!

Hope you can join us!
:) allison

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Giveaways... Continued

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Thanks-Giveaway! 
It was a lot of fun hosting and I want to congratulate Michele S, who won the giveaway. Michele, we'll be in touch this week, so you can choose your needle size and yarn. Squeeeeee!!! Free loot!

Would you like the giveaways to continue?? You would?? What do you know - me too!

Up for grabs: this set of three hand and machine stitched holly gift tags. Use them as an embellishment to a Christmas package, as ornaments for your tree or as a gift to someone who just loves to give gifts! Strung with jute, the hole is reinforced with a metal grommet. Tag is lined with interfacing. 

This time we're going to play a little game. Give some etsy love to other shops. 

I have set up a mystery treasury on etsy. The treasury is set up around a secret central theme.
To enter:
1. Visit the treasury by clicking here.
It would be swell if you could visit some of the shops, favorite some of the items, spread some love around. (this isn't required, but it sure is nice)
2. Click back over here and in the comment section below let me know what you think the theme of the treasury is. 

From the list of correct entries, I will use my handy-dandy, super impartial, 7 year old winner selector (aka my daughter) to choose the name of the winner on Wednesday, December 3rd. 

Like this idea? You may want to subscribe and stay in touch - we're going to do a few more in the coming weeks. :)

Also going on this week:
Quilt Class part 2 on Tuesday, Dec 2


Daisy Lane Design's first ever sew along - stay tuned

:) allison