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Friday, November 20, 2015

Love Drives Out Fear

When I first planned on this fundraiser, I had no idea what the month had in store. I merely wanted to help a friend, as many had helped me in the past...to get her name and her business out there, to raise a little money for her and her family, to raise some awareness about adoption. 

And then a lot of things happened, especially this last week. World things - the horrors in Paris. Controversial things - should our nation welcome or refuse the ever growing number of refugees. Personal things - we've had a very sick little girl over here this week. Work things - no matter what is going on, every day counts down closer to Christmas and I have responsibilities and deadlines for that. 

I found myself overwhelmed. By the news, by stress, by busyness, by appointments, by exhaustion. I was being consumed, in all those things, by fear. Fear of the things that we can't control, fear of the real evils in the world, fear of my child not getting well, fear of her trying a medicine she's never used, fear of not meeting my deadlines, fear of disappointing people. 

All the while, I was making things for this fundraiser. And they all had to do with love. 

Adoption is about the most loving things I can think of. To raise another person's child as your own is quite possibly the most amazing and selfless thing. I know that there are a lot of things that can cause fear when thinking about adoption. They are the fears that I considered and then used to dismiss the possibility of adopting ourselves:

- It's too expensive, we'll never come up with the money.
- What if the birth family wants the child back?
- What if there is something wrong with the child we adopt?
- What will having an adopted child in our family "do" to the kids we already have?

But raising a child, any child, is scary business. Through our fertility issues, false alarm, pre-eclampsia, and the premature birth of our daughter, there was enough fear and stress for a lifetime. And that was just the beginning! Every day is another temptation to fear for them. But I would never pass up the chance to love them. 

I don't feel like called to adoption like my friend, Dawn, does. I don't know that it will never be in the cards for us, but right now it's not. I do know, however, that adoption is teaching me so much about love.

I don't want want to be ruled by fear. I want to be moved by love. "There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear..." I John 4:18a. Jesus is that perfect love.

So, as the fears around me rise, I remind myself "But, Jesus."

But, there are terrors in this world, Lord.
But, there are things I can't control.
But, I fear for my children.
But, everyone will laugh at me.


Would you consider joining us for the sale tomorrow, November 21? Even just to say hi. We would love it if you could: Facebook Sale to support Born in My Heart Creations


Sunday, November 1, 2015

National Adoption Awareness Month

Sign from Born in My Heart Creations
Daisy Lane Design is very excited about partnering with Born in My Heart Creations for the month of November to help raise awareness about adoption. I know several families personally who have adopted, and I am in awe of their stories. One family in particular has brought 3 lovely little ladies into their home and is hoping to adopt again in the next few years. To help fund the hefty cost, Dawn has started Born in my Heart Creations. I asked her to share some of her story with me:

"I was created to be an adoptive mom. I am so thankful for our family's story and how God has truly blessed us and made such beauty out of our storms and how He continues to use us to bless and minister to others. 

Our hopes are to save/raise another 30 thousand dollars in the next 1-3 years to adopt again. We have spent close to 80 thousand dollars adopting and each time God has provided every penny. I had been praying about a way to start earning some money to start our little fund now so that we are prepared for when we are ready. I ordered a sign off Etsy this past summer and Dan (her husband) opened his mouth and said we could so make that, and a bell went off in my head. So I decided to put the idea out there and give it a whirl. I have only sold a handful of signs so far, but I'm working on a few orders a week and orders keep coming in. 

At this point is has become less about us adding children to our family and more about giving that child the blessing of a family. We have always just been open to any and every child the Lord brings our way and it's so exciting to think about what He will do next!"

Signs from Born in My Heart Creations

I hope that you will pop over to Dawn's Dawn's Facebook Page and show her some support. Every sign she sells brings them one step closer to their goal of providing a loving home to a child in need. 

Throughout the month, I will also be making one of a kind heart-themed DLD items, like the one below. I will be sharing pictures of them on my Facebook page and Instagram account. Then, on Saturday, November 21, National Adoption Day, I will host a Born in My Heart Creations/Daisy Lane Design sale. 30% of sales will go directly to Born in My Heart Creations. Mark your calendars! It's going to be fun!

Do you have an adoption story that you would like to share with Daisy Lane Design readers? We would love to hear them! I am hoping that this month will be a time to share, encourage, lift up and inform others about adoption. Please feel free to use the "contact me" form in the right hand column of the blog or email me at daisylanedesign@yahoo.com.

:) allison

Friday, October 30, 2015

Confession #31

I never thought I'd pull it off!

Last confession post of the month and I honestly didn't think I could do it! Hooray for the finish line.

I have learned lots about myself this month, things I'll share in the coming weeks, but one I'll put out there now: I like adding the personal touch to business me. It is something I didn't see as important before, but that has changed for me lately. A dash of the person behind the hands that makes your stuff is important now and again.

Thanks for letting me work through that, one confession at a time

:) allison
have a safe and happy halloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Confession #30

I'm here because of my Nana.

I make things with my hands because my grandmother taught me to crochet. When I was very little, I used to watch her whip up all kinds of awesome with a hook and some yarn, and I thought that more than anything I wanted to learn how to do that.

When I was 7 she started teaching me. She sat beside me, with a hook and some scrap yarn and showed me how to chain stitch. And she told me to practice my chain stitch until it was perfect. I had a ball of chain stitch the size of a softball before she would teach me another stitch! The lesson was, if you were going to take the time to make something, it may as well be your best effort.

For a loonnnnnnng time I crocheted. And made potholders with a loom looper and then cross-stitched. And my nana would always ask how it was coming along. I made her lots of things over the years.

Crocheted Pansy Afghan

Little Girl and Bunny Cross Stitch

She treated each thing with such loving care. She took the blanket to be blocked and pressed (I didn't know anything about that at the time) She had the little girl framed. Knowing what I now know about framing, I am even more touched by this gesture. 

Even the little things I made, she displayed in her home constantly and used often. She was my biggest fan. My most constant cheerleader. 

Angel in Prayer Wall Hanging

Crocheted shawl in her favorite color. 

In August of this year, we said goodbye to my Nan. Many of the things I had once given her as gifts have come back to me, and are even greater treasures now, having once been loved by her. The greatest gift, by far, is the gift of teaching my daughter. First to crochet, right when she was 7 of course....

 And now on the sewing machine.

Love you Nana.
xo allison

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Confession #29

A friend of mine posted this quote on her Facebook wall today and I immediately connected with it. It's available as a print from this little website over here called society6.com. They have lots of inspirational quirky quotey things on canvas. But I digress. Back to the quote.

This, I think, is me in a nutshell. 

I do want to do it all. I want to be a fantastic mom, loyal friend, maker of great things, runner of successful business, keeper of organized and clean home, inspirer of others, and also a kick ass wife. (I can say ass, right? You're ok with it, no?)

But I also want to lay around in my pajamas. Often. 

Decisions decisions....

:) allison

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Confession #28

Dinner that you don't have to cook always tastes better.

Tonight my husband made dinner. He's lovely like that. And it was just pasta and sauce (out of the jar...please don't tell...sometimes you have to) and it was delicious. And do you know why? Because I did not have a hand in it - not even a finger.

There are a lot of things that I feel I need to be a part of, that I feel like I need to micromanage in order for it to happen correctly. I have very strong opinions on a great many things. But simple Tuesday night dinners are not one of them. And when someone you love and who loves you takes that "off the beam" for you, you just have to rejoice. And rejoice I did! With a glass of wine and my book in the quiet of my room. And I refuse to feel guilty about that.

:) allison

Monday, October 26, 2015

Confession #27

I'm running out of things to say.

And I'm sure there are those of you who think I ran out about 2 weeks ago. hee hee

That's ok. I nearly forgot to post today...and then I thought about skipping it...but I am really trying to do this every day thing. And here's one thing I am learning -

I'm not ever going to be an every day blogger. I might not even ever be a consistent blogger. This is a gimmick and it's fine for the month of October, but I am looking forward to it being over and getting back to not having the stress of posting every day.

It's hard! I'm just spending a month rambling about things that come to mind, trying to give at least a little peek into the things that a Maker thinks of. How do people who are successful bloggers DO it?! Come up with interesting, engaging content on a consistent basis? Good for you, blog success stories. Carry on.